Skincare cocktailing: sarà una buona idea?

Skincare cocktailing: will it be a good idea?

It's called skincare cocktailing and it's a brand new trend for your skincare routine, but I'll give you a spoiler: it doesn't work.

Skin care cocktailing means mixing and shaking your serums together to get more benefits together, but do you know what? Forget the art of mixology, unless it's drinks, in which case, I'll have a gin and tonic, please!

“Why shouldn't I mix my serums?”

Facial serums are fundamental products in our skincare routine, they differ from creams due to their texture, which is generally liquid or gelatinous, and the high concentration of active ingredients. It would be wonderful to be able to exploit the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid, the anti-aging of retinol, the illuminating of vitamin C and the exfoliating of niacinamide at the same time, but you can't, at least not at the same time.

Mixing multiple active ingredients together is never a good idea and I'll explain why:

  • The serum formulations are very different from each other, some are water-based, others oil-based and it is impossible to dilute them
  • However, our skin would not be able to assimilate multiple active ingredients together, this would make you waste products unnecessarily
  • Some ingredients make other active ingredients less effective, again, your mix would be really useless
  • But above all, some ingredients should absolutely not be used together because you could cause quite significant irritation.

But then is there a way to get all the benefits I need?

Yes, absolutely, but you will have to follow some rules.

First of all you will have to listen to your skin and understand what you really need, hydration, nourishment, regeneration, exfoliation?

Alternating serums is the safest and most effective way for your skin, you can use your retinol serum twice a week, preferably in the evening, as well as the glycolic or salicylic acid serum, in the morning instead, always prefer the hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Build your weekly skincare routine, don't use too many products at once and focus on two or three goals, no more.

I advise you to write down the products to use in your diary, writing your "skincare diary" will make it easier to understand if your routine is effective or if you need to change something.

How do I choose the right serum?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, it is important to understand which formulation is best suited to your skin type, many times we are fooled by the packaging or concentration percentages of a product, or by a magical ingredient that will change our skin forever . Well, I'm sorry, but it doesn't really work that way. A good serum will be one that combines exfoliating but also soothing principles to prevent irritation, a "balanced and balanced" serum.


A final and very important tip is sunscreen, obviously you already know how important it is, but don't get carried away by this trend, never mix sunscreen with other ingredients, you risk not getting the right protection.

Once you have applied all the products, wait a few minutes and finally seal your skincare routine with a sunscreen.

Our sunscreens are formulated with zinc oxide in non-nano form, which means they sit on the skin creating a protective barrier for you, your skincare and even the oceans.

You can find them on our shop , choose the one that best suits you!

Article written by Paola De Nicola

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